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- MingXi Package Co. The carrying bacteria in one bag
- The weight of this fabric is extremely light
- Some of our customers favorite window
- Most Chelsea dwellers walk
- Canvas Window Awnings

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- blue ikat fabric
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Although it is natural fiver having excellent strength in its yarn, linen-look fabric silk cannot resist the destruction caused by any abrasion etc.

There are different uses of silk fabric and each of the use in unique like its versatile poly-linen fabric characters. Silk demand special care for preservation because direct sunlight and natural agents like dust, air, sunlight, and rain can damage the rich color spectrum of silk fabric thus its demands special care and washing precautions. Although silk looks smooth and wrinkle-free in reality it is completely wrinkle prone and it can generate static electricity thus often used as computerized clothing for small amount of electricity conduction. What we all may not know that this natural fabric is an excellent weather shield and it keeps body temperature under control irrespective of the exterior weather. Medicated silk fabrics are used for wrapping severe burn injury, cut and bedsores. For its lovely texture and graceful ambience silk is rightly appreciated as queen of the fabrics.

There are commonly four types of silk fabrics available in market and these four types are tasar silk, eri silk, mugga silk and above all mulberry silk. Besides being smooth and luxurious silk fabric is a wonderful natural absorbent.

It is a great fact that all fabrics have their individual character but silk fabric perhaps has the most versatile character traits. These medical silk bandages are 100% antibacterial. However, chiffon fabric is also a well- known variety of silk but like these four main varieties silk-chiffon fabrics is not natural fabric, it is synthetic and an amalgamation of different years but is the best chiffon variety ever available on globe for its over all smoothness and rich texture quality. Silk fabrics is used for three main purposes; in the first instance silk fabric is a great material for designer dresses.

Dresses made of silk should be used with great care because this delicate fabric cannot resist discoloration if comes in contact with perspiration and direst sunlight. Its touch is very comforting and it is thermostat feature thus keeps body warm in winter and cool in summer

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